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Sleep paralysis happens to us everytime we sleep, if it didn't we'd all be acting out our dreams in our beds, something that could be bad for us and our sleeping partners. The impulses are still generated in the brain when you move a limb in a dream or lucid dream but that impulse is stopped from transmitting the action to the limb. Basically the body is put on reserve power and only the most primitive and basic functions required for life (breathing etc.) are switched on.
The only thing the mind can still exert control over are the eyes in dreaming REM (rapid eye movements) track the dreaming objects people etc you are looking at and is the reason lucid dreaming was first proved by using predetermined eye movements to signal to the outside world that lucidity had begun.

old hag painting Old Hag - Throughout human history across all cultures there are reports of attackers that come at night, to crush or suck the life out of the paralyzed victim. Vampires, demons, witches, devils all are different names for the old hag, many cultures report waking in the night, being unable to move and then sensing an evil presence in the room or footsteps outside the door. The figure will walk to the terrified person and usually straddle their chest crushing the breath and life out of them or biting or sucking the life out of them. The experience is normally short lived but can last upto 8-10 minutes, it has been blamed for many other reports such as alien abduction and experimentation. moon


What's happening is a similar thing to lucid dreaming, the dreamer may "think" they have woken when actually they are having a lucid dream about waking in their room and being paralyzed. Alternatively they could have really woken in there bed but the paralysis from sleep is still present their eyes can open but the mind overlays hallucinatory hypnagogic images of the terror that the mind perceives as it cannot work out what has happened to the body and deep seated fears fill the mind.

How to beat the Hag ~ This condition seems to run in families and can without scientific explanation effect localized communities for short periods upto three weeks (some believe this is because dreaming minds are linked and the fear is passed on). Sleeping on your back is associated with this condition and changing position in the night is encouraged.

If the hag does come and you feel sleep paralysis you need to try and relax recall the the words on this page, "this is a form of dream, you are the dreamer you have the control". Many people report when they relax and lose their fear the hag shrinks and vanishes, some recite the a prayer from their religion if they have one. The key is belief and you should also try to see there episodes as something positive as you are one step away from becoming lucid.

Infact It is possible to turn these unwanted guests into guides from the Lucid Crossroads, if you can close the lids of either your real or dream eyes do so, when you do think of the hag transforming. When your eyes open it will no longer be a creature from nightmare but a within the hags robe will be a silver blue guide from the Crossroads.

The guides are either male or female, they don't talk much, perhaps getting as far as "follow me" or "become lucid dreamer". Their purpose is simply to guide dreamers to the Crossroads, or protect them in times of trouble. The guides rarely make an appearance at the Crossroads itself but can easily be summoned to a lucid dream beyond the Crossroads doors if you need some extra protection, all guides are masters of dream control and nothing can harm them.


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